What does rain symbolize in literature

Literature is one of the areas of art with a variety of symbols. With the help of history, the various authors use symbols in their literary works. Any person who is a fan of literature will not be able to see the symbols. This may be another story for those who are not familiar with this field. The main purpose of using symbols that are evident in many works of literature is to make the literal attract the attention of those who read their works

For example, poets generally have a key role in their work. It could be anything from personal experience to other things that affect humanity. Best essay writing services Essaypro.com. The symbolism helps them get the secondary values of what they want to express. In addition, the characters have filled in blanks. Where something wasn't clear, they interpret symbols as symbols

However, the use of characters can be difficult for both the writer and the reader. Sometimes a thorough analysis is required. But there are some obvious, and they can see them at a distance. Water is one of the characters used in the literature. It can appear in many forms, but still remains water. The authors often use words such as waterfalls, lakes, rivers, streams or rain. And that's why understanding water as a symbol in literature has many different forms

There are some obvious water values in life. Even in the streets, it is known that water represents life, birth, purity, purity, as well as spiritual issues-laundering sins. Water is a very important requirement in life. People often treat water as a life or a source of life. It is connected with life and growth associated with birth and rebirth. Christians use water for christening to symbolize spiritual death and resurrecting. In other words, it is an obvious symbol for spiritual birth. And in the literature, life forms when it rains; it also implies a spiritual birth

In the modern desert, April is considered the most brutal month for citizens in these areas. It is a birth, and therefore they like winter or spiritual death. This is because rebirth also carries the meaning of their efforts in part-any spiritual efforts are not taken well-the new life in the landscape spring. But it doesn't make things any better, because it's just square roots. It means the land in the wastepolis won't give us anything

One of the authors, Eliot, uses the main character called Tiresia to tell us something interesting about modern people. Tiressions are a favorite traveler who came from the German prince. His association with relatives, including the family and community, is completely cut off. His life revolves around the physical comfort that life can offer. These are the ties Eliot uses to explain culture, real life, spiritual and moral. It shows that a modern man is like this German prince. Today, people live in a physical place and are completely disconnected from religious and moral roads. Winter comes with rain when it rains in Munich. And even this happens blindly, because they don't understand that the power-purification brings out and instead runs away to find a place to hide. For it, the purification and fertilization of rainfall is only zeroing

The question of what symbolizes the rain can be considered from different angles. Another great poet, Shelley, reveals another point of view or rain. In his verse, the Cloud Cloud comes from the cloud before regenerating it in the soil. The cloud becomes this garden garden, which is a thirst for beautiful flowers, although in this case the birds are enjoying the children. It becomes a symbol of good harvest. In this work, the rain is the center of life and existence, the opposite of what we see in Elliot's work, where people look at the other side without paying attention to the powerful fertilizer rain. All they do is a baking skeleton that seeks refuge when the sweet drops of rain start in descending order

The spiritual stance and death of modern civilization is a clear sign in the lines of Tiresia. The panorama of modern civilization appears only as a casement shell; dead trees, dry stones, not the noise of water. In all cases, spiritual realism struck humanity. From another great writer, Milton Eve, she showed her surprises when she recognized her roots in the book "Paradise Lost". Her relationship with Adam will break out again, as her image appears in the lake. She's on the way to self-discovery. Her voice tells her that she had a mother's race. Since recognition is achieved in the search for water, it symbolizes the existence of Eva in the consciousness of its existence. It's a birth-awareness symbol. Two things are clear from the above. One of the parties is Tiristie, who examined and found the non-existence. On the other hand, Eve understands that her image leads to self-discovery

The Egyptians were the first to use a 78-card Taro packet to predict the growth of the Nile River, symbolizing the return of fertility. That's the opposite of what we're seeing today. These cards are used only to obtain information that 100% are counterfeit and illegal. The story of Madame Sootris ', predicted by the client, who may be the main hero, is the obvious proof of this action. Patient sailor who drowned, symbolized a cross. A statue of God was thrown in the river to symbolize the death of the summer. The history of the finnish people may be related to the English myth of King Fisher. His wound results in infertility on the ground. This case may be a curse that struck Europe in the 20th century

"afraid of death by water" is a warning that tells people to avoid death in the same way as a Phoenician. It also has the true nature of the tricks used by the predictors of the modern world. And that is not all; a warning reminds people that there are other ways to die by water, which means a spiritual dry-host over the common. William Wordsmith's poetry contains another dimension of water symbolism in the literature. In particular, his poem "Presle", talks about the lake, which is another way to talk about water. He remembers his younger years as a boy who combined freedom and centering. Then he was a curious boy who took a boat from the shepherd. As he wes into the lake, the cliffs appear in his head. The rise of this cliff will send his spine. The lake is seen as shining among the mountains, which have now awed the young boy's curiosity

The welcoming and calm nature of the lake is very tempting to resist. The Wordsmith will no longer sustain his desires, and he goes for a walk.  But the supernatural event that he represents in the depth of the waters changes his view of what is once safe and scary. He was in an inconsiderate adventure, which turned out to be a pano-bit jockeys until he was able to get it back. The change in his chest was alarming, even though the lake remained calm and calm. Freedom and entrapment are clearly marked here. Wordsmith is too young to get out of the lake for the first time

We found two poems that say water can bring water. One is a warning that water is afraid of water, and the other begins with a calm that is only wrinkling when the Wordsmith program is located in a terrible expedition of the lake

In another case, the lady comes to the lover and tries to find out where he or she does not know, sees or remembers anything. Answers to the love questions he remembers on one line. This line is a quote from "The Tempest" by William Shakespeare. "It was peals, that were his eyes." The line came mechanically and did not make sense, nor spiritually, nor the idea of transforming a person through a higher degree. The context of the line, however, relates to those who have remained under water for a long time after drowning. With his eyes turned into pearls, this is a reminder to avoid death by water. In today's world, the souls of the people have become harsh and lifeless

In Elliot 134-13, it's a clear idea of how deaf and meaningless life in the desert is. It speaks of hot water in ten and waits for rain, when people are on the chessboard with the lich eyes ... They're supposed to be waiting for something to be amazing

John Donne is creating another piece with a sad lover who has to leave his second half. In this poetry, "A valediction; of weeping," Doone uses a tear to represent the water. He refuses to accept it at the beginning of the poem, and instead, he will control his eyes like tears from his eyes. Although they are separated, they are still connected to each other. The tears of his loved one became his fruit and his emblem, so that he could withstand his present misfortune and his grief when he was finally leaving. He's still talking about how his tears will fall into his reflection, because they're not going to be anything. The tears will continue to fall when it disappears, and it will continue to sail in the water. Their tears are a generalization and a dull end

When people begin to cry, eyes are filled with tears, and it becomes impossible to see each other. In the wastelates, people are waiting for something that can awash their boring lives, while Donna's poetry is a departure, not waiting. In his work "if the rain" is a symbol of hope and spiritual reconstruction. The reflection in his tears is losing spirituality

As the fall continues, we see that Tyresi is looking at the Place of the Thames, from The Fire Sermon.  The trees are left without leaves, which gives a smooth flow for the wind without sound. In the summer there were a few anonymous women who were looking for temporary excitement. Sons of rich people from the business industry are also looking for pleasant moments. All the vacations after receiving the dose that they came in. The river is suffering from the consequences of their action, because empty bottles, cigarette-cigars, and, among other things, remain in banks-it is a reminder of the event

The pier would consume the mood because the main character fell in the morning for the river. This pollution brings him to his knees. Here we find another answer to what the literature symbolizes for the rain as it is on the bank of the river in the gas house. A cold wind brought an echo of the mindless laughter of the crowd in London. He thinks about how they move like dried bones. Memories about Bonnilard in Challon Prison from one of Byron's famous poems make him think. There is no freedom that forces a man to spit at the same time as on the shore of Lake Lehman; the same as the Jews sitting and paid by the Babylon River in the Bible. This is the representative of humanity who has seen all of this. He even remembers King Fischer's brother, and Ferdinand after the death of the king

The real meaning of the rain symbols can also be found in the past experience when water and fishing were all regenerations. It was a change in society. Today, however, these two critical events have lost their spiritual symbolism. Another stage comes from the poet: fishing near the river where he tried to fish in a canal at the back of the house. He doesn't find any fish except the ugly rat. Again, he remembers Ferdinand's story. His brother banished him for wanting to seize the throne. A real king, in this case, is like a fish and the other like a rat. The place on modern river banks is not something that is proud. The bank building is filled with naked bodies, but the rats in the bank create endless rioting

Compare with the roads along the bank, which fill vehicles, as a signal to Mrs. Porter, who is about to meet Sweeney, her lover. The moonlight reflects Mrs. Porter's face, as her daughter goes near her. Instead of our feet in the river, they use water from the soda water. That's because they want to make their skins lighter than men. It's an accurate representation of today's desert, filled with degeneracy

J. X. Lawrence says that water is the most important commodity for human existence. No one can think about life without water. Even in the modern world, everyone wants to keep water. Read the news, and you will not be able to encourage people to take care of water resources. But this is the opposite of what is happening in the desert, where they spend water, using it to make them softer.  The cleansing now began to think about the past

DH Lawrence continues to show us the symbolism of the rain in literature, using his poetry. In one of the lines, he says, "Snake came into my water-in the hot, hot day, I'm in my pajamas to have a drink there." At the beginning of this poem verse, the author uses water to drink. Then there's a snake in the water. And the water turns into poison when it falls into a snake's mouth. Poets want to drink water, but he has to deal with a yellow, brown, soft snake in the tub. The Snake is drinking water without haste. Snake looks at the poet until he gets stuck, and then he'll sit down for a while

Tirisia's journey continues on Queen Victoria Street. This time he is accompanied by the sound of music in his ears, and he finally falls into the lower end of the streets of the Thames, where the poor live. He got into the sweet music of the tavern mandolin. The crew of fishermen and sailors, resting at the tavern, attracted even more attention.  He leads the Church of St. Mags, in which Elliot was a compliment. Now, the mature mature adult mature mature adult mature mature mature decision that doesn't matter. The poor girls living on the banks of the river, before sharing them, start together. A stream of tears for the pollution of the river with oil and tar. The River Thames is sweating through oil and tar is a symbol of commercial pollution of rivers that we see today

Another poet, Matthew Arnold, contributes to the use of rain in the literature. He has possession of water, as can be seen in his poem, "Dover Beach." Every part of the poem regularly mentions water, full of mystery, sadness and tears. From the beginning of this fragment, he mentions the calm of the sea, with a full tide. He continues to speak of Dowah's face, in the moonlight. The visualization of the clipshes of the bay and the sand appears to be white from the moon's reflection. After that, the poet called his lover to see how the waves go and go. But there is a turn, as the poet causes sadness in this seemingly calm part when he refers to the melancholy interpretation of waves by the Greek dramatif of Sofoxom. Sophocles recall the tragedy of human life when he hears the sound of a wave

The poet continues to refer to ancient times when the sea of religious belief was full. This has since then stunned doubts and doubts that the world has turned the world into a state of bleak and cheerless life. For him, people have become skeptical, because religion has lost control of humanity. The world is barren and people live in the dark, with ignorance and fearless locks on their eyes. The poem in Doowe is a sea that shows different places in different forms. One of them may feel the power of this image in the whole poem

The part under the heading "Death by water" clearly identifies this symbol in the title. Here we find a deeper use of water images in literature, where water has traditionally been used for treatment and regeneration. In today's devastated society, water is a source of destruction. The truth is not water, which has lost its function; it is a man who has become less human and a big beast. The same case is presented in the "River" by the poetry of the A. K-Ramanuan. In this work, it provides water in the form of a flood that kills villagers, including one pregnant woman. His concern was that the damage caused the flood a year after the year

As for the Phoenician Traveler, we are again finding Flour, a young, tall and fair fellow, who has wasted his life in the water. His life was all in business and content. He had no spiritual motivation for the rest of his life. Flecbass was stuck in a whirlpool when he tried to go through different stages of his age. Ritual immersion in the genius of the vegetation god, Orisis is the starting point for the same activity. Orisis had to go through different stages of life in reverse order. He goes into the water when he is old; he becomes young and falls on the waves to become a boy before he is born again. In the case of the Phoenician image, the rebirth is impossible, as the modern world has too much moral decay. The only medicine is to get advice on moral and spiritual aspects of life. The modern society is completely divided by rejecting it, which dictates its moral decay and disintegration

A. C. Ramanuan is a modern Indian poet who wrote about the influence of symbols in Indian literature. In his work, the "River" he discusses the chaos that will spread the stream with the help of a river symbol. The water here is the power of catastrophe and destruction. The city of Madurai, the city of the temple, writes about how the river is swolling through the city every summer. The river flows through a narrow stream that will then flood rainwater. Water cannot pass through locks due to too many obstructions from the pile of straw and female hair. Bridges will need to be repaired after hard stones restore their boring colors

Here, poets are simply talking about floods. The stranger spent the night here one night and heard people complain about rising water levels. They talked about how water and water were drinking and how she dared three villages, and about other things almost every year. The killer in Madurai couldn't do anything just like a sailor, and sometimes he can't save himself from drowning. Here, both poets use the rain in the literature to show the destructive part of the water

The final part of what the thunder said is "here, without water, but only a rock" means the pilgrimage of Sir Percival or Parsifal, Jester. He went on a trip to the fisherman, looking for the Holy Grail. The Lost Grail is in a dangerous chapel at the top of the mountain that the horse and its followers manage to get to them. Here again the rain symbol is used. The place has been dried up because it has not been raining for a long time, leaving the ground vacant and desolating. As these landscaped eyes were their eyes, they found that there was no water, and the Stone cracked even. The old man remains with the logs in his mouth without peace of mind, as the sound of the wind, passing through the dry grass, echoes the environment. The creamy sands for insects and the sound of thunder without rain make the situation even worse. Hallucinations begin when treasure hunters continue to climb. They start to see the red ghosts of ghosts, who seem to be looking at them from dirty houses while they're laughing

It's the same state of all those who are trying to find the truth and spiritual salvation. The path to the spirituble is one difficult path, and those who try to use it often end up hallucinating. The traveller kept crying about time and again, showing how much pain and suffering they had to pass. At the end of the poet, the poet ignores dead lands. It completely turns away from the ground to start fishing on the bank of the river, enjoying its time. A fish in the river in the context shows that the poet is trying to re-discover his spiritual regeneration. Rain appears in literature both in the form of life and in the event of catastrophic, depending on how society perceives it. The modern world has been cleared of spirituality and morality, which leads to the useless use of water