We need a solution for the university psychiatric services

Demand for mental health is one of the highest among students and millennia

Tight survey

Mental health services at the University of Pumping, and students often do not have access to the resources they need

As a student, you can take into account the many causes of anxiety and stress. Students often don't know how to deal with this problem. Universities and other organizations are now trying to solve the problem through websites and digital content

Patricia Corbett, head of information and referral service for ConnexOntario, noted the usefulness of mental health websites

" Of course, younger callers may not have the same level of awareness of the services that some old subscribers can perform. But we also find that our young people are more ready for Google, " Korbut said

Korbut, ConnexOntario, is at the forefront of the fight against mental health problems for young people. Calls for a toll-free free telephone helpline by the provincial government rose by 344 per cent

The more services, the more attention, and ideally, more people get the help they need

" We had to increase the number of employees who work on shift. We believe that calls can be quite complex and require more than just 'information' here. Everything is a unique case, and we are addressing such challenges, " Korbut said

Universities have also made adjustments to prepare for an increase. According to the same

A study published in March 2014 in the Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR) named "

This means that a large group of young people only deal with mental health problems

A number of different studies carried out by various agencies have been carried out in this study. The review called for further research. However, they were able to extrapolate that, in general, young people did not seek professional help. In fact, only 35% of young people with mental health problems are looking for professional help. This means that a large group of young people only deal with mental health problems

Katie Robinette, CEO of Healthy Minds Canada, says

" These are not just questions of admissibility. Many people tend to think that when the first symptoms appear, that [ the potential disease] will simply pass, nothing to worry about. What is happening does not mean that mental illness is getting worse over time, if it is not being processed, " said Robinette

Robinette also said that university students could be particularly receptive

"When you're a student going through a major life transition at the university, there's stress and anxiety," said Robinette. "And that could lead to mental illness."

Not only did the organizations throw more money into the problem, but they also changed their approach to solving this problem

Healthy Minds Canada is looking for different ways to make the mental health sites more interactive and more interactive. And, therefore, it is useful for millennia

"I'm creating a couple of applications," said Robinette. " One of them is a kind of clinical trial portal to help people understand their symptoms and potential conditions. Another example is the peer support model, based on the AA 12 step model, where participants have sponsors. These algorithms will be used almost as a website to help people find a sponsor. "

New, more interactive websites and platforms, such as apps, will keep their attention and, hopefully, make them more aware of these issues. This may be a positive approach for universities, especially if they are unable to provide the person with professional assistance in the study of JMIR

Danielle Stewart Smith is the coordinator for the Healthy Campus Alberta (Healthy Campus Alberta)

"We can't face more than twice a year," Stewart said. "But we have noticed that in certain communities we can develop relations, and we want to involve these people in a more interactive way."

"We are doing a deep collection of data for all the resources available at universities on our own website," said Robinette. " Some community colleges don't really have anything. This means that you can use the resources that are available in the community. "

This is important work. One of the main points in the JMIR study was that professionals who have time with patients should be

" I think the potential that we can solve with these problems is amazing. The field is moving in the right direction. "

Finding solutions for mental health is a constant battle. But Robinette feels positive in the future

"I actually have the energy that energy companies are energizing to deal with this problem," said Robinette. " I think the potential that we can solve with these problems is amazing. The field is moving in the right direction. He has been doing this for a while, but slowly, and now he's accelerating his work. "

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